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How it works

Depending on how the device is electrically connected in the motorhome, there are various possible uses. We'll go into the different options here. With all variants, alarms are communicated in the online system and by email as soon as the device in the vehicle is supplied with power. Tracking also starts immediately after the tracker has been supplied with electricity for the first time. The different connection variants are described in more detail under the menu item Installation. Upon delivery, all devices are preconfigured by us for the minimum connection.

Minimum connection - only continuous current and ground

With this very simple installation, the device works as a pure GPS tracker and sends a message in the online system and by email in the event of towing, accidents or manipulation of the power supply. The vehicle can be tracked online in the tracking system. The detection of whether the vehicle is moving or parking is determined by the internal movement sensors.

Maximum connection - full integration into the vehicle electrics

This version has many advantages which we will discuss here. The first thing is the detection of whether we have started our vehicle or removed the ignition key. The engine can be switched off remotely after theft via relays that can be controlled by the device. In the event of jamming attacks, the engine shutdown can be activated in advance so that the vehicle cannot be driven away. The second output of the device can be used to remotely start the auxiliary heating or other devices. Since the motion sensors are not required for the detection of driving / parking, we can set them a little more sensitive and thus receive an alarm message when the vehicle is entered or is exposed to other vibrations. For example, the fill level of the tank or the voltage of the second battery can be sent via the analog connections.

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