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For a long time we thought about the safety of our motorhome. After a year of looking around, we decided to create our own system, which incurs no additional costs besides the SIM card.

When looking for a GPS tracker, we were very picky because it should have internal antennas, be waterproof and also work well hidden. The subject of jamming was also important to us. Ultimately, we decided on the Teltonika FMB204. The device is produced in Europe and has impressed us in our tests.

The permanent data connection is of course a very important point when traveling in a motorhome with a GPS tracker. After a long search, we have found a very inexpensive option here too. Things Mobile is the provider dedicated to IoT and M2M devices with coverage in over 165 countries and with more than 350 roaming providers. Things Mobile's tariff is € 0.10 / MB in major countries in the world, with no start-up costs and no basic fee. On average, we get around one euro per month, depending on how many countries we travel to in a month.

Since you also want to see where you drove, the question of an inexpensive or free tracking server was still open. Initially, we used the free service from GPSWox, which you can use for a vehicle free of charge for one year. But since we also wanted to use extended functions, we switched to setting up our own server with the free TRACCAR software.

On our travels we have gained the feeling that motorhome drivers are a large community. We want to share our experiences and achievements. We are therefore offering a complete package for a complete price of € 99.00 plus shipping. Everything preconfigured ready for use.

Package contents

Teltonika FMB204

Small and professional waterproof (IP67) tracker with internal GNSS / GSM antennas with amplifier, Bluetooth and internal Li-ion battery with high capacity. The FMB204 can work in energy-saving mode without a power connection for up to 6 days.
Further information on the device can be found on the manufacturer's website: Teltonika FMB204

SIM card with € 10.00 credit

Compatible with all devices, available in all formats: Mini (2FF), Micro (3FF), Nano (4FF)
- Credit €10.00 included
- Multi-Network coverage in 165 countries
- Pay-per-use plan without fixed costs
- IoT Portal with no extra costs
Further information on the SIM card can be found on the provider's website: ThingsMobile

Traccar - Tracking in realtime

With Traccar you can view your GPS devices in real-time with no delay. We have various mapping options, including road maps and satellite imagery. The Server can handle a wide variety of sensors and additional information supplied by GPS units. Access to our server is free for the purchased device. Access can be via mobile phone app or website. Various alarms can be set which are then displayed on the web and sent by email.DEMO
Further information can be found on the website of the server software manufacturer: Traccar(english)


After placing your order, we insert your personal SIM card into the Teltonika FMB204 and configure everything. We also set up your personal access on our server. You will receive the corresponding access data at the specified email address as soon as the device has been set up.

We set up the following alarms on the Teltonika FMB204:

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